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Christopher Kennedy Lawford grew up in the closest thing America has to a royal family.  And many books have been written about the Kennedy’s their triumphs and tragedies.  He is the son of President Kennedy’s sister, Patricia and Hollywood star Peter Lawford.

In 2006 Chris Lawford wrote the first memoir from inside the family gates since Rose Kennedy autobiography in 1974.  It’s called Symptoms of Withdrawal and it chronicles Lawford’s deep descent into drug and alcohol addiction that started before he was a teenager, and his long road back through recovery.  The book also offers a glimpse into the world of the privileged and powerful families Lawford grew up in.

He talked with Writers TV in 2006.

Video 1 Symptoms of Withdrawal
Lawford talks about his memoir, what a joy it was to write and the reason he wanted to capture his experiences on paper.

Video 2 Conquering Demons
Lawford describes his addictions and the turning point in his life where he hit bottom and began the slow road to recovery.

Video 3 No Ghosts Here
Lawford talks about why he felt it was important to write the memoir, what it says about him and the famous family he grew up in, and what impact he hopes it will have on his relationship with his own children.

Video 4 A Reading
Lawford reads a passage from his memoir Symptoms of Withdrawal.