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Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird is a charmer, capturing fans through seven novels filled with irreverent wit and absurd exploits of characters who consistently live their lives like they are dancing with rhythm just a few beats behind the rest of the society.  Her latest novel is called How Perfect is That.

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Welcome to If you have ever wondered what makes your favorite author tick, or if you love the thrill of the hunt, feasting on suggestions for new writers to sample, this is the channel for you.  It is a collection of interviews we’ve produced for a television program in Austin, Texas called Writers@Work, as well as interviews produced exclusively for the internet.  This is a place where you can see award winning authors and talented undiscovered writers talk about their work and the creative process.

Thomas Wolfe reportedly prefers to write standing up, while Truman Capote once described himself as “a completely horizontal writer”.  Benjamin Franklin did it in his bathtub while Raymond Carver did it in his car.  Smirk if you want, the authors you’ll find in these pages may not have quite the same level of idiosyncrasy, but all have their unique styles and sources of inspiration that we hope will entertain and encourage readers who tune in to WritersTV.

And with millions of books stuffing the shelves of your local prose dealer and available with the click of a mouse (plus shipping and handling), coming up with a satisfying read these days is too often a matter of chance.  Connecting with the authors here may help and, at the end of the day give you a chance to turn off the TV, shut down the internet and pick up a good book.